What are Adult Education Centres?

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Kurikka Adult Education Centre was established in 1965. It provides learning opportunities and hobby activities of liberal education in all parts of the municipality of Kurikka, in the centers of Kurikka, Jurva and Jalasjärvi and also in almost all the villages. The Centre is administrated by Kurikkalan Setlementti ry with the permission admitted by The Ministry of Education and Culture.

There were almost 3200 individual students in the Kurikka Adult Education Centre during the study year of 2019-2020, which covers 15 % of the inhabitants of Kurikka (20 550 in total).

There are courses for everybody from babies with their mothers to elderly people living in nursing homes. There seldom are any requirements for prior studies, though in subjects like languages, ICT or some handicrafts you need to start from the basic level courses and then continue to the next levels.

In Finland it is quite typical in adult education, that most students are women. That goes also for liberal studies, but as 25 % of the students in Kurikka are men and boys, it shows that there are a lot of courses either targeted especially for them or which interest both men and women.

The provision of courses covers a wide range. They are introduced on line here with the possibility for registration:   https://uusi.opistopalvelut.fi/kurikka/fi/ and in the printed study program magazine delivered to each household in Kurikka in August every year. The subjects include courses in music, dance, handicraft, ICT, languages, sports, arts and design, health and beauty, food and cooking, security and gardening. If there is a topic you are interested in, but it is not in our program, please contact the office and ask for it! We plan new courses throughout the year when possible. We are also interested in new teachers for new courses…

The study year starts in late September and the registration for courses opens in the end of August. There are 9 study weeks in autumn and 12 in spring. Those courses, which last the whole study year, are scheduled to meet usually once a week, but there are many courses, which last for a few weeks or weekends. There are studies both for daytime and evenings. See the schedules of individual courses and also the deadline for registration! Remember to cancel your participation in time in case you have registered but are not able to participate after all – otherwise the course fee will be invoiced to you.

Teachers are experts of their subjects, either by profession and training or by active and skillful cultivation of their subjects.

Online registration for the courses starts in the middle of July and continues for the whole study year. You may also call the office, ask for information and register to the courses on the phone. Call 040 585 9305, (please don´t send SMS to that number).

Kurikkalan Setlementti ry (a registered society) was established in 1964. It is a part of the settlement movement, for which “the basis…is the belief in the empowering effect of communality. In the settlement work, which covers the entire spectrum of life, we pursue the ideals of equality and communality in practice. We create opportunities for survival, wholeness and refreshment for all from the youngest to the oldest” (The Finnish Federation of Settlement Houses).

The activities of the society and Adult Education Centre are administrated by the board of directors, who are all members of the Settlement society. The activity is nonprofit. The Adult Education Centre is substituted by the Ministry of Culture and Education and City of Kurikka. Students pay moderate course fees.